Top 10 Diet Success Tips for Women

When you embark on a new diet plan, it’s important to know all of the success tips you possibly can so that you don’t go back to your old ways and continue gaining pounds. Let’s look at the top 10 diet success tips women can embrace to lose weight.

1 – Stave off anemia.

When we go on diets, we sometimes don’t get as many iron-rich foods as we did when we were eating anything we wanted. Anemia makes you feel lethargic, so start adding plenty of leafy greens to your menu plan.

2 – Don’t be so strict.

Everyone needs to let loose on occasion. That includes dieting. You need to be able to have some of your favorite foods here and there. Some women allow themselves one weekend day per week to eat their favorites and some just use a general moderation approach.

3 – Save up for non food rewards.

Typically, when we celebrate an event, it revolves around food – holidays, graduations, etc. But you should give yourself an allowance for every pound you lose and then spend that money on something you’d enjoy – like a massage or special day out.

4 – Add to your diet, don’t subtract.

Some women who lose weight and keep it off report that they focused on foods they should add each day, and quit worrying about what they had to be deprived of. When you’re adding foods, it makes less room for the more unhealthy ones, and you begin losing weight naturally.

5 – Learn to love water.

You may have had an aversion to it before, but staying hydrated with plenty of water can quell the hunger pangs you may feel during a diet that are actually present just because your body need to be rehydrated.

6 – Eat regularly.

Depending on the diet program you adopt, you may have to eat on a schedule, like 6 small meals a day. But some diet plans just focus on the types of foods you need to eat, not when. Make sure you’re consistently delivering nutrients to your body, starting with a healthy breakfast that gets your metabolism revved up for the day.

7 – Monitor your weight loss (or gain).

Deciding that you’re going to go on a diet plan is wonderful if you want to get healthy. But if you hide form the scale, it might cause you to slip more than you realize you’re allowing yourself to do. Some successful dieters weigh daily, while others have a weekly or monthly schedule.

8 – Watch your hunger cues.

Whether or not your diet plan has you eating on a schedule, start paying attention to your hunger cues. That means eating when your body is hungry and stopping when you’re no longer hungry – not when you allow yourself to get to the point of full.

9 – Learn how to quit stress eating.

Comfort foods when we’re anxious or stressed out can cause us to pack on the pounds. Instead of stress eating, learn how to cope in ways that don’t revolve around food. That could mean taking up a new hobby or employing stress relief methods like aromatherapy.

10 – Try new foods.

Growing up, we have our own personal likes and dislikes when it comes to foods. But when you go on a diet, you slash your menu in half (or sometimes more) because the foods you have learned to love aren’t the best for your body. So it’s important to try new foods and methods of cooking to get you through the diet until you’ve lost the weight and can keep it off.