Is Coffee Off Limits on the Snake Diet?

As with other diets, there are some things that you just should avoid while you’re on the Snake Diet. One of these things is coffee. The reason that you’ll want to cut this beverage from your lifestyle is because coffee is known to cause weight gain with some people.

The reason that it causes weight gain is because it boosts the amount of cortisol your body produces. Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone. The purpose of this hormone is to give you a quick burst of energy.

This is why it’s activated whenever you’re faced with a life-threatening situation. When you get a cortisol boost, it makes you hungry and can send you into an almost frenzy of wanting to eat the kind of food that’s not good for your body.

You’ll want whatever is packed with sugar or salt. This hormone is also catabolic. When you drink coffee, you’re stimulating cortisol, which in turn is hanging onto fat. Whenever you have caffeine in coffee, you might feel alert and like you’re on top of your game, thanks to the quick boost of energy it gives you.

But while you’re feeling good, the cortisol is breaking down your muscle and you can end up losing muscle mass. All of this happens because cortisol is part of your flight or fight response.

When you drink coffee, your cortisol boosts the adrenaline and then your organs – like your liver – get busy starting to crank out sugar. This is all part of your body’s survival mode.

If you were in a life-threatening emergency, this response would be appropriate. But because you’re just drinking coffee, it’s not, and the effects are damaging your body and keeping the weight from leaving.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of coffee that does this to you, either. Having just one cup of coffee can activate the cortisol boost and can cause it to jump. You’d think that after this jump, your cortisol level would drop in an hour or two and then everything would go back to normal.

That’s not true. Once your cortisol level is boosted, it can remain elevated the entire day. This means that when you’re done with work and ready to get some sleep, that coffee cortisol level is still high.

Because it’s high, it can cause you to lose sleep and keep you from hitting the REM stage. The reason that this is a big deal is because it’s during the REM that your body burns calories and fat.

When this state is prohibited, your body skips this step and you lose out. Coffee can sap your strength, make you feel edgy and it’s an addictive substance. That’s why you crave it when you do without.