Dealing with Hunger on the Snake Diet

Some people mistakenly think that if they follow the Snake Diet, since it’s a fasting diet, they’ll constantly be hungry, but just the opposite is true. In the beginning, you may feel a bit hungry as you start your initial fast.

That’s because, like many people, you’ve probably stopped listening to your hunger cues and you were constantly overfeeding or eating when you weren’t even really hungry.

This is one of the number one causes of being overweight. Over time, you’ve conditioned your body to react to food cues. You might be sitting on the sofa watching television and a commercial for chips comes on.

All of a sudden, you feel like you’re starving and you want to go grab junk food that’s crunchy. That’s because there’s a link between sight and smell and hunger that’s self-taught.

You can go for a stroll, smell food wafting from a restaurant and all of a sudden, you feel like you haven’t eaten in days. You’ve taught your body that the sight or scent of food equals hunger.

You’ve also taught your body that it’s time to eat at certain times every day, regardless of whether your body has signaled the need for food. This is the top reason why, when you start a diet like the Snake Diet, you feel hunger.

It’s not a true hunger, though. It’s just connected in your brain and in your habits. This type of conditioning is one that needs to be overcome. You have to teach your body that just because it’s a certain time of the day or just because there’s a certain smell of food doesn’t mean you need to eat.

This developed response to eating is the exact reason why the Snake Diet starts with a fasting period. It’s to help you break up with the conditioned response that you’ve adopted.

You might feel hungry at first because of this conditioning, but it will go away. When you start to fast from meals, you interrupt the habit of eating at certain times as well as when certain conditions are present, such as the sight or smell of food.

What happens as you follow the diet is that your body stops responding to these cues. You’re then able to have true hunger cues rather than conditioned ones. To deal with hunger on the Snake Diet, don’t dwell on it by entertaining thoughts that you’re so hungry, you feel like you’re going to starve, etc.

Instead, replace those thoughts with the reasons why you’re on the diet to begin with. This will help you to redirect your mindset and stay motivated. You want to be sure that you give it time if you feel hungry.

The false hunger pangs will go away. Make sure that you’re still drinking your Snake Juice like you’re supposed to so that you stay hydrated. The reason for this is because being even a little bit dehydrated can manifest as a feeling of hunger.