Can You Drink Alcohol While on the Snake Diet?

Knowing what you can and can’t have while on the Snake Diet is one of the keys to successfully reaching your weight loss goals. A question that you might have is wondering if it’s okay to have some alcohol while you’re on this diet.

The answer is no. When you’re on the diet, your body will go into ketosis and the effect of alcohol on the body while in this period is always ramped up. The response that you get from the body when consume alcohol mixed with fasting is an insulin response.

In addition to that, the alcohol will hit your system faster and harder. Not only will you more easily get a hangover, but the amount of alcohol your body can tolerate when you’re not in a feeding window will be less than what it normally is, which can put you at danger of alcohol poisoning if you drink heavily.

While there can also be numerous reasons you might think of for having some alcohol, if you do drink, you risk messing up the progress you may have made so far because alcohol does a lot to your body.

These results are the opposite of what you want. For example, when you’re fasting like you are on the Snake Diet, you want to burn fat. The fasting does this well, but when you add alcohol, it works to prevent the body from burning fat.

It doesn’t just slow it down, it brings it to a complete stop. This defeats the purpose of the diet. So all the work you’ve done can be undone if you’re drinking while on the diet.

Not only will any alcohol you drink work against your body trying to burn fat, but it can also trigger food cravings and lead to you consuming more food during your eating window. The more alcohol you drink, the more you’ll struggle with both body fat and weight loss.

The guidelines for the Snake Diet discourage the use of alcohol because of the poor nutrient quality, for the effect on the body as well as the calorie content.

One can of beer can contain 150+ calories. Wine can have over 100 calories at just 5 ounces, while vodka is nearly 100 calories for just 1.5 ounces. In addition, alcohol can also undo the good that detoxifying during your initial fasting does for you.

Fasting on the Snake Diet helps decrease inflammation, but when you drink alcohol, it can cause inflammation in the body and this can lead to various health issues – including an imbalance in your gut bacteria.

So when you fast on the diet, but drink at the same time, you’re constantly in a cycle of good followed by bad and the bad cancels out the good. This is why it’s not recommended.